Horn Shot Cups (5-Pack)

🥃 DRINK FROM GENUINE OX HORN - Each toasting horn set includes five mini-cups, all made from authentic, ethically sourced ox horn (Veterinary Health Sanitary Certificate - Livestock). Each has a capacity to hold 2 oz (0.059 l)

🥃 DISPLAY YOUR UNIQUE STYLE - One glance at your horn shot set will silently announce to all of your friends that you are indeed the undisputed ruler of your domain. And someone with unique tastes!

🥃 BOND WITH YOUR FELLOW HEATHENS - There is no better way to forge alliances than over spirits, especially when quaffed from the horns of felled beasts. Now gather by the majestic horn set for yet another round!

🥃 SOLID CONSTRUCTION - Our artisans have been crafting drinking horns for generations. You won't find a better quality horn cup set in the world.

🥃 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Each Viking shot glass set comes guaranteed. Your money back or we'll die trying!

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