Drinking Horn Shot Glass Set

🍻 DRINK FROM GENUINE OX HORN - Each toasting horn is made from authentic, ethically sourced ox horn (Veterinary Health Sanitary Certificate - Livestock). Each has a capacity to hold around 2 oz (0.05 l)

🍻 DISPLAY YOUR DOMINANCE IN STYLE - Rest your shot set on any bottle of your choice (BOTTLE NOT INCLUDED). One glance at your horn shot glass display will silently announce to all of your friends that you are indeed the undisputed ruler of your domain.

🍻 BOND WITH YOUR FELLOW HEATHENS - There is no better way to forge alliances than over spirits, especially when quaffed from the horns of felled beasts. Now gather by the majestic horn display for yet another round!

🍻 VIKING RUNES BRING GOOD FORTUNE - Hand engraved Elder Futhark runes ensure that your endeavors are blessed by the gods. The letters Fehu (wealth), Ansuz (vitality), Algiz (protection), Tiwaz (justice) and Uruz (strength) adorn the live wood display tray.

🍻 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Each Viking shot glass set comes guaranteed. Your money back or we'll die trying!


The Norse Tradesman Horn Toasting Set displays true artisan craftsmanship. Each wooden tray features a live edge (bark still intact) and hand carved Elder Futhark runes across its rustic surface. Finally, each set comes with five authentic ox horn toasting horns, fit for drinking any spirit of your choice.

The wooden serving platform is designed to set atop a liquor bottle of your choosing. The center hole should be placed over the mouth of the liquor bottle. Then, spirits can be poured into each horn from any other flask or bottle of your choice.

The set does not come with the bottle! You must supply your own spirits, of course!

The toasting set will fit over the mouth of most liquor bottles. This toasting set will introduce an element of mystery and antiquity to any bar or kitchen area. Watch with delight as you drinking mates and compatriots gather in awe around your horn shot glass set!

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