War Horn

Style: Battleseer - 18"

NOTE: Each version has different product designs. Please see the product photos.

📯 GENUINE OX HORN: This ancient instrument hand crafted from Genuine ox horn. No two horns are exactly alike. And each battle horn is artfully assembled using time honored, traditional techniques. Quality control standards are strictly maintained to ensure the finest quality blow horns.

📯 HISTORICAL SOUND ENGINEERING: No whistle or internal device is placed in the horn; the sound it makes simply comes from the ancient sound engineering of the horn itself. Each war horn includes a printed guide to help you in sounding your horn. With practice, this war horn bellows the stirring tone that echoed across Viking battlegrounds. Master its sound and awaken your inner Norse warrior!

📯 MASTER THE CALL: This horn requires some practice to use. But do not fear, each war horn package includes a printed guide, walking you through the technique. With practice, you will soon be bellowing stirring calls throughout your domain!


  • Howler - 12" - A compact 12-inch Viking war horn, stands distinct among its larger counterparts with its intricately engraved dual wolves, symbolizing cunning and teamwork in Norse mythology. Howler, though smaller, delivers a sharp, clear call that resonates with precision. Ideal for collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate both artistry and function in a more manageable size.
  • Battleseer - 18" - This version is flame treated (which provides the rich brown color) and hand engraved with the Elder Futhark runes ᚦᚱᛟᛏᚱ ᚨ ᛞᛟᛚᚷᚱ /próttr á dolgr. This roughly translates to “Strength in Battle”. Makes for a gorgeous display piece. 
  • Doomsinger - 28" - This beastly version measures roughly 28" (70 cm) in length and features an unadorned, beautifully polished surface. The Doomsinger provides the deepest sounding call out of the three available options. Its resonant sound echoes the vastness of the Nordic landscapes, making it a symbol of raw power and majesty.

📯 ARTFUL DESIGN - Norse Tradesman's battle horn is exquisitely crafted in astounding detail. Each is flame treated and hand engraved with Norse runes. For LARP and Renaissance attire to historical collectors, this piece is breathtaking. XL version XXL version is not engraved.

📯 INCLUDES: Heavy duty genuine leather shoulder strap (already attached). The Howler and Battleseer also includes a burlap carrying sack. The Doomsinger does not (they don't make sacks that big!)

🤝 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - When you purchase directly from Norse Tradesman, your product comes guaranteed by our one year manufacturer warranty. If your item suffers a serious defect in workmanship or materials, we shall provide your money back or we will die trying!

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Robert Ball (Missoula, US)
The horns look good and sound great

The War Horns Both the 18" and 28" look great and sound great. The mouth side of the horn is smaller than a Trombone mouthpiece and larger than a Trumpet. I did Dremel mine out larger to be closer to a Trombone size as that is what I'm accustomed to. I also spent time treating and sealing the inside of the horn with a 2 part pourable epoxy. I do wish these came sealed, not so much because of the smell but because it will just continue to build-up bacteria if used often without a good seal. Overall I am very happy with the appearance and sound of the horns. Thanks.

Yancy Farr (Boaz, US)
War horn

I love it, It shows you how in history warriors would signal others

William Childs (Portland, US)
Great sound

Awesome piece, bought it for myself. Takes a little work but once you have it the sound is chilling. All my friends have asked where I got it

Russell Hamilton (Hamtramck, US)
Great product

With a little practice, I've mastered this horn. Great product !


It’s a gorgeous piece. I love the detail and the glorious sound it makes. It’s fun practicing to get the different tones possible out of this horn. I can’t wait to continue to expand my collection of Norse Tradesman products!

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