War Horn

📯 GENUINE OX HORN: This ancient instrument hand crafted from Genuine ox horn. No two horns are exactly alike. And each battle horn is artfully assembled using time honored, traditional techniques. Quality control standards are strictly maintained to ensure the finest quality blow horns.

📯 HISTORICAL SOUND ENGINEERING: Each signal horn creates a rich, stirring tone that was used for thousands of years to communicate over long distances. No mouthpiece is used to create this effect. Simply ancient sound engineering. Though easy to use, we still include sounding instructions in your post-purchase confirmation email.

📯 CHOOSE YOUR STYLE: The XL war horn is roughly 18" (45 cm) in length, while the XXL horn is a beastly 28" (70 cm). The XL version is also flame treated and hand engraved with Norse runes while the XXL version features an unadorned, beautifully polished surface.

📯 ARTFUL DESIGN: Norse Tradesman's battle horn is exquisitely crafted in astounding detail. Each is XL sounding horn is flame treated and hand engraved with Norse runes (XXL version is not engraved nor flame treated). This premium sounding horn will impress all who lay eyes on it. For LARP and Renaissance attire to historical collectors, this piece is breathtaking.

📯 INCLUDES: Heavy duty genuine leather shoulder strap (already attached) and a drawstring burlap carrying sack.

📯 MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: Don't worry that your item will arrive damaged or defective. Our craftsmanship is second to none, but if there is some unfortunate product issue, know that every Norse Tradesman purchase is protected by our 1 Year Quality Guarantee!

Size: XXL

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