Norse Tradesman is the product of imagination and dreams of simpler times. Founder Neil G grew up conjuring fantastic scenes of adventure, magic and chivalry while exploring the dense forests of rural New England. This inspiration was fanned by a never-ending string of fantasy, history and historical fiction novels. It seemed that he couldn't get enough of the enchantment and majesty of times long past. Decades later, after visiting his family in Denmark and seeing up-close the incredible history of the Norse culture, he decided to turn his infatuation into a reality. Enter Norse Tradesman...

Now, Neil travels the world seeking the finest quality materials and craftsmen to bring medieval and specifically Norse-inspired products to reality. From Norway to Russia, to Asia and Denmark, there's nowhere he won't go to provide the finest medieval goods at affordable prices.

Norse Tradesman's goal is to transport our patrons back to the enchanting times of our forefathers. Our wares display the craftsmanship and authenticity of true Norse tradesman that fashioned goods with incredible attention to detail. All of our craftsmen use traditional techniques to mimic the function and appearance of medieval Nordic crafts. 

We also do not forget the values of the culture that inspired Norse Tradesman. Honor is of utmost importance to us, and we will not fail you when it comes to personal attention and customer service. We will never rest until our allies are pleased.

We look forward to serving you and welcoming you into the Norse Tradesman family. And we would like to note that we are a welcoming family with no reservations of race, creed, ethnicity or political persuasion. Those who twist Norse symbols and ideals into hate speech should be ashamed of themselves!

So lose yourself in the magic of times long past and please let us know if we can be of any assistance in your journey!

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