Horn Coffee Mug

A VIKING STYLE COFFEE EXPERIENCE - This one-of-a-kind 10 oz (0.29 l) tankard is designed specifically for hot coffee. Other horn mugs can't handle hot liquids, but with our extra durable construction, heat proof sealant, squared handle design and unique base seal, you can enjoy your favorite hot beverage with confidence. Plus, with a tapered lip, you'll find that this tankard offers delightfully smooth sips.

🧽 WIDE MOUTH FOR EASY CLEAN - This special coffee tankard features an extra wide mouth, so you can easily clean those hard to get spots. Plus, you'll better access the rich aroma of your morning coffee!

🐂 DRINK FROM GENUINE OX HORN - Every Viking horn is made of authentic, ethically sourced ox horn (Certified Livestock Certificate), painstakingly selected for appearance, durability, color pattern and shape. Each Norse inspired tankard is unique in shape & color & comes packaged in a medieval burlap sack. It's time that you chose a drinking vessel as interesting as you!

🔨 PREMIUM MATERIALS - It all starts with the animals from which our horns are harvested. We only select the finest livestock to provide our drinking horns. Even then, eight out of ten horns do not pass our rigorous quality inspections. Finally, all tankards are fitted with a high-quality wooden base and affixed with the strongest food-safe epoxy available. Norse Tradesman leaves no stone unturned!

👐 HANDCRAFTED WITH CARE - The secret ingredient of a finely crafted mead horn is the care that is put into the construction. Our artisans have been fashioning drinking horns for generations. Each of our horn mugs are hand-selected, hand-cut and hand-polished to near-perfection (we say "near" because as handmade items, no horn is entirely perfect)

💸 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - When you purchase authorized Norse Tradesman goods from Daaxo Wares, your product comes guaranteed by our one year warranty. If your item suffers a serious defect in workmanship or materials, we shall provide your money back or we will die trying!

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