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Wooden Jörmungandr Cup


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Premium Quality

Our artisans have been fashioning drinking horns for generations.

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Ethically Sourced

Every horn is made of authentic, ethically sourced ox horn (Certified Livestock Certificate).


🍻 PAINSTAKINGLY ENGRAVED - This one-of-a-kind 12 oz (0.35 l) wooden cup is intricately engraved using the age-old technique called pyrography in which engravings are made using the careful application of a heated element to burn the design into the wood's surface.

🍻 A VIKING DRINKING EXPERIENCE - Norse enthusiasts will recognize Jörmungandr, the Midgard Serpent snaking across the surface of this beautiful drinking vessel. Legend has it that when it releases its own tail, Ragnarök will begin!

🍻 COLLECTIBLE GIFT - This cup is the idea gift for medieval enthusiasts or your rustic outdoorsman (or woman). This is no ordinary cup!

🍻 DRINK WITH CONFIDENCE - Many wooden cups are prone to leaking and rotting. The Norse Tradesman Jörmungandr cup is carved from a solid piece of wood, which prevents leakage. Plus, each cup is carefully sealed with food-safe lacquer to guarantee your cup lasts for a lifetime. Plus, with a tapered lip, you'll find that this mug offers delightfully smooth sips of your favorite hot and cold beverages.

🍻 HANDCRAFTED WITH CARE - The secret ingredient of finely crafted woodwork is the care that is put into the construction. Our artisans have been fashioning mugs for generations. Each of our cups are hand-cut from a single piece of mango wood, hand-engraved (with pyrography pen) and hand-polished to near-perfection (we say "near" because as handmade items, no cup is entirely perfect).

🍻 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - When you purchase authorized Norse Tradesman goods from Daaxo Wares, your product comes guaranteed by our one year warranty. If your item suffers a serious defect in workmanship or materials, we shall provide your money back or we will die trying!

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100% Genuine Handcrafted Viking Drinking Horns & Tankards

Viking Drinking Horns

Choose from a variety of full length Viking drinking horns. Each and every one is made of authentic, ethically sourced ox horn (Certified Livestock Certificate), painstakingly selected for appearance, durability, color pattern and shape.

Horn Tankards

Put down your sippy cup and drink like a true Viking! Our wide selection of horn tankards are selected, cut, assembled, engraved and polished entirely by hand. Each mug entirely unique in shape & color & comes packaged in a medieval burlap sack.

Horn Shot Cups

Looking to spice up your next gettogether? Bust out the spirits and serve up drinks in a your very own horn shot cups. There is no better way to forge alliances than over spirits, especially when quaffed from the horns of felled beasts!

Genuine Ox Horn

Food Safe

Includes Stand

For Hot Liquids

Size Options

16 oz, 30 oz & 44 oz

12" & 20"

12" & 20"

2 oz

10 oz

2 oz

Finish Options

Polished & Natural

Polished & Natural

Polished & Natural




Style Options

Plain, Mjolnir, Wolf, Rings, Thor, Flame Treated

Plain, Brass Rim, Brass Rim & Wolf Tip

Coffee Safe

How Will Your Story Be Told?

It's time that you chose a drinking vessel as interesting as you! Do you want announce to your fellow heathens that you are a red solo cup kind of person? Or rather that you quaff ale from the exquisite horn of felled beast? The choice is yours!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews


Dawn T (Beaverton, US)
Good Handfeel, Lovely to Look At

I needed a cup for a planned Ren Faire character, but I have been using this cup in my daily life since I got it. It feels great in the hand and my only complaint, if you can call it that, is that a full can of beer doesn't fit in it.
I can live with that!

Douglas Martin
Great cup

Love it get work on the detail

Michael Hazlett (Tampa, US)
Wooden Viking cup

This cup looks better in person than the add. Nice carving and sealing on it for easy clean up. Love this site.

Tao Abeyta (Albuquerque, US)

It's a great cup, holds just the right amount of liquid, feels great to hold and looks awesome, I love it and can definitely tell the quality is top notch

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