Wooden Horn Stand

🕯️ Drinking horn NOT included

🕯️ Fits most drinking horns between 10 and 20 inches in length (25.4 and 50.8 cm)

🕯️ Made from solid sheesham wood

🕯️ Features solid brass Thor's Hammer plaque

🕯️ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - When you purchase directly from Norse Tradesman, your product comes guaranteed by our one year manufacturer warranty. If your item suffers a serious defect in workmanship or materials, we shall provide your money back or we will die trying!

Norse Tradesman wooden drinking horn stand with brass Mjolnir plaque.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michelle Harris (Hurricane, US)
Amazing work

Ordered this for my beau. It’s beautiful. I love the detail and so does he!

Tim Rodak (Orlando, US)

Wooden Horn Stand

onassis Rivera (Chicago, US)
Great but...

The wooden stand itself is beautiful, and of good quality, BUT I had to return it along with my 20 in drinking horn because it doesn’t fit with the larger horns. My wife bought the stand and horn separately (she didn't know). It’s better if they were to be bought together with a 12 in horn as an option as it would fit. I ended up buying a 12 inch horn with the Fenrir adornments as the horn stand and it looks like it will be more sturdy and I don’t want any spills while I play AC Valhalla. I also got a tankard just in case.

Egs89 (Brownsville, US)
Looks great and does the job!

I was looking for a simple horn stand because it's nice to be able to set your horn down from time to time.
This stand looks great and is very functional as well.

Elizabeth B Seibold (Chicopee, US)
Very versatile and highly recommend!

I ordered this with my Journeyman travel horn in case I wanted to display it or even have it be held somewhere near while at home while drinking from it. When I first got it I was in love with how it looked, but I wanted to test if it would fit my journeyman horn & my 20oz fenrir horn. Both fit very snug and comfortably enough that it didn't rock at all! The only thing I would recommend to Norse Tradesman would to put this under accessories just like the frog holster is! I didn't know you could buy it separate until I finally went to my cart and thankfully it was a recommendation. I also just checked and only found it through searches. I would think a ton of people would get this if they knew you could get a holder by itself! Highly recommend though like always with this brand<3

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