Horn Tankard Mug

Engraving: Original
Size: L (16 oz)
Finish: High Polish

🍻 HISTORY IN YOUR HANDS - Savor every sip in Viking style as you drink from an authentic ox horn tankard — each one a unique masterpiece that brings ancient traditions to life. Feel the weight of history in your hands as you raise a toast to the gods with this stunning, one-of-a-kind drinking vessel.

🍻 SHOW OFF YOUR COMPLETELY UNIQUE TANKARD - Since our tankards are made from real ox horn, each Norse-inspired mug is completely unique in shape & color. They even come packaged in a medieval burlap sack, making the perfect unique gift. It's time that you chose a drinking vessel as interesting as you!

🍻 REFRESHINGLY CLEAN SIPS - Have no fear, all of our tankards are deep cleaned using our three step sanitization process to ensure you can confidently enjoy the refreshing beverage of your choice without detecting any foul odors or negatively affecting the taste of your drink. You may sense a mild smell of leather, but this is part of the authentic drinking experience!

🍻 CHOOSE THE STYLE FOR YOU - Choose between multiple sizes (Medium ≈ 12 oz / Large ≈ 16 oz / X-Large ≈ 30 oz / XX-Large ≈ 44 oz+), finishes (polished or unpolished), and engraving styles. You can even choose to personalize your tankard with custom text! Note, however, that horn size can vary up to 25% from the advertised size and the color of each horn is completely unique.

🍻 ARTISAN HANDCRAFTED - The secret ingredient of a finely crafted mead horn is the care that is put into the construction. Our artisans have been fashioning drinking horns for generations. Each of our horn mugs is hand-selected, hand-cut, and hand-polished to near-perfection (we say "near" because as handmade items, no horn is entirely perfect).

🍻 CONFIDENCE IN QUALITY - Each of our Viking horns is ethically sourced (from the meat produce industry) and painstakingly selected for appearance, durability, color pattern, and shape. Our construction techniques have been honed for generations, so you won't find the common defects you'll find from other sellers. With Norse Tradesman, you get only the best!

🍻 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - When you purchase directly from Norse Tradesman, your product comes guaranteed by our one year manufacturer warranty. If your item suffers a serious defect in workmanship or materials, we shall provide your money back or we will die trying!

Customer Reviews

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Julie Coleson (Chicago, US)
Horn Mug

Love the look of my new mugs. They are sitting on my bar as I didn't want to hide them in the cupboard. They are all so different and unique and I love that.


Really good quality and craft. Picture doesn't do it justice like holding it does


I have drinking horns and mugs from a few different companies. Norse Tradesman is easily near the top in quality.

Jon McCormick (Draper, US)
drink with style

got this as a gift for a real Danish Viking and it was immediately filled and drunk from and later dropped without incident
beautiful work and quite durable

Zachary Stavedahl (Flint, US)

Horn Tankard Mug

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