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Broad Axe


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⚔️ NORSE STYLING - This 5-foot Viking broad axe draws inspiration from the Langeid axe found in southern Norway and dated to the early 11th century. We've taken a bit of creative license and added an Elder Futhark rune engraving along the curve of the carbon steel blade.

⚔️ HAND-FORGED AXE HEAD - Constructed to last and designed to perform, each war axe features a Petersen Type M axe head with a sharp edge that has been given an excellent heat treatment to achieve a 56-58 Rockwell scale hardness. The axe head and copper shaft wrapping is secured with copper rivets.

⚔️ BUILT FOR USE - While this axe is not built for battle situations, it is no toy, and is functional for light use. The axe head is secured by pins and heavy industrial wood glue. Do not use in combat or for any other heavy work for which the axe is not designed.

⚔️ STOUT SHAFT - The 5' axe handle is made from one piece of quality aged teakwood, one of the most hard and durable timbers available. The handle end is covered by a pure copper sheet and secured with copper rivets.

⚔️ LEATHER SHEATH - Premium brown leather sheath included with each purchase. Safely store and transport your long axe without fear of damaging the blade or an unsuspecting passerby!

⚔️ SPECIFICATIONS - 5' ash handle, 8.5" long 1095 carbon steel axe-head, sharp blade edge, 9.25" axe head width, 55-58 RC hardness, brown leather sheath, 4.9 lb total weight

 ⚔️ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - When you purchase directly from Norse Tradesman, your product comes guaranteed by our one year manufacturer warranty. If your item suffers a serious defect in workmanship or materials, we shall provide your money back or we will die trying!  

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100% Genuine HandFORGED Viking WEAPons

Forged by Hand

Finest Quality Materials

Tested & True

Blade Material

EN 45 Grade High Carbon steel

EN 45 Grade High Carbon steel

EN 45 Grade High Carbon steel

EN 45 Grade High Carbon steel

EN 45 Grade High Carbon Spring Steel

EN 45 Grade High Carbon Spring Steel

Handle Material

Teak wood, leather lace wrapped with Runes engraved

Teak wood, leather lace wrapped, celtic design leather grip holding


Wooden with Leather Wrapped

Wooden with Leather Wrapped

Wooden with Leather Wrapped



Fully Sharpened

Fully Sharpened




Full Length

24 inches

14 Inches,

18 inches

9.5 Inches

37 inches

36 Inches

38.5 Inches

Blade Length

6 Inches

6.25 Inches

4.5 Inches

28.5 inches

29.5 Inches

32.5 Inches


2.16 lb

1.87 lb

0.50 lb,
0.46 lb

3.3 lb

2.8 lb

2.35 lb


Sheath Type

Genuine leather blade cover

Genuine leather blade cover

Genuine leather belt holster

Shoulder Baldric Style

Shoulder Baldric Style

Shoulder Baldric Style

Customer Reviews

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Joel (Saint Augustine, US)
Broad Axe, Dane Axe

Excellent forged instrument of destruction. I like the craftsmanship, the forged blade, the smooth, long handle that allows the wielder to slide the hands in balance to the swings. The sheath is a nice accessory, a good safety measure. Thanks! I love it!!

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