10th Century Viking Sword - "Helbítr"

⚔️ NORSE SPIRIT - This sword is named Helbítr, meaning hell biter in the Old Norse language. Drawing inspiration from 11th century Viking artifacts, this Viking replica sword features a semi-sharp blade, an ornate brass hilt and a genuine leather wrapped wooden shoulder scabbard.

⚔️ SOLID CONSTRUCTION - Though able to withstand heavy use, we recommend Helbítr as a display sword or a show sword. This is because it is a bit heavy and unwieldy as a one-and-a-half handed sword. That being said, this is no toy. Each hand-crafted Viking sword features a semi-sharp, double-edged blade which has been given an excellent heat treatment to achieve a 56-58 Rockwell scale hardness. The blade is full tang, meaning that the blade and handle are made from one continuous piece of steel with no welding, and features a wide fuller.

⚔️ SHOULDER-STRAP SCABBARD - Each sword comes with a genuine cowhide wrapped baldric (shoulder-strap sheath). The belt of the scabbard is adjustable, so you can adjust easily as per your body size. Each piece is made and assembled by hand. The scabbard is constructed from high quality wood and wrapped in genuine brown cowhide leather. Recognize the incredible quality with a simple touch or glance.


Overall Length: 37” (93 cm)
Sword Weight: 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg)
Blade Length: 29” (73 cm)
Blade Width at Base: 2.4” (6 cm)
Handle Length: 5.5” (13 cm)
Handle Width: 1.5” (3 cm)
Hand Guard Length: 4.75” (10 cm)
Hand Guard Width: 0.75” (1 cm)
Pommel Length: 2.5” (5 cm)
Pommel Width: 1.5” (2 cm)
Handle Material: Wooden with Leather Wrapped
Blade Material: 1095 High Carbon Steel
Hardness of Blade: 55-58 HRC
Sharpness of Blade: Semi Sharp double edge blade
Accessories: Wooden scabbard with leather wrapped and adjustable belt.

Norse Tradesman offers the finest handcrafted medieval goods available. This Viking sword is one of the finest examples of craftsmanship coming from Norse Tradesman. Even a Viking berserker would praise the construction of this item. Made with 1095 carbon steel and featuring a semi-sharp blade, this sword is a premium replica. The blade is full tang, meaning that the blade extends down into the handle as a single piece of steel, with no welding. The pommel is hot peened, -- which means the end of the tang that appears at the top of the pommel is heated and then gently hammered and expanded to form the "peen block," which is then polished into invisibility, giving it a seamless look. The fine scabbard is fashioned from high quality wood and wrapped in brown leather, giving your blade a rich sheath in which to rest in. The baldric sheath features a brown leather belt which is fashioned to strap over the shoulder and across the chest.

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