Bone Pendant - Mjolnir Odinson

🕯️ MASTERFUL CRAFTSMANSHIP - Each one-of-a-kind pendant is artfully carved from sustainable, organic, and ethically-sourced natural ox bone.

🕯️ VIKING SPIRIT - This pendant has been carefully carved into the likeness of Mjolnir, Thor's Hammer, and also features a classic Odin head at its peak. Also included is a triquetra, a Celtic knot.

🕯️ ANTIQUE OX BONE - Featuring a polished and antiqued surface, this bone pendant is perfect for Renaissance fair goers, pagans, history buffs, LARPers or simply anyone who appreciates a masculine accent piece.

🕯️ ADJUSTABLE LENGTH - The genuine leather strap is tied as a sliding knot necklace so it can be adjusted to any desired length from 14" (35 cm) to 26" (66 cm)

🕯️ SPECS - Chord Length: Adjustable from 14" (35 cm) to 26" (66 cm) | Pendant: 2.5" (5 cm) tall x 1.5" (2 cm) wide x 0.2" (0.22 cm) thick

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