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Viking Leather Helmet - Helm of Awe

⚔️ EXPERT CRAFTSMANSHIP - Every one-of-a-kind helmet takes our master craftsmen days to complete. Featuring high-grade, hand-formed leather, hand-beveled edges and Celtic knot molding, you will marvel at the high-quality construction.

⚔️ A NORSE TREASURE - This handmade Norse helmet is not a toy. It is fully functional. It's also perfect as an impressive show piece or for the serious re-enactor, LARPer or faire goer.

⚔️ DON YOUR HELM - Each Viking helmet features an adjustable inner lining which will fit most head sizes.

⚔️ HELM OF AWE - Featuring the helm of awe symbol on the front of the helmet, the ancient and powerful Norse symbol of physical and spiritual protection.

⚔️ SPECS - Weight: 2.7 lbs (1.25 kg), Circumference: 24" (60.96 cm), Materials: Leather, Brass


Constructed with thick, vegetable tanned leather and a brass chainmail neck-guard, you will be hard pressed to find a more complete Viking helmet in all of Midgard. Along the crown of the helmet, you will see iron rivets firmly binding the helmet together. The helm has been hand-formed and riveted in the same manner as it’s ancestors. Also, each helmet features a drawstring support system, the interior of the helmet can be manipulated to fit most medium-to-large head sizes. Fastened to the leather is a silver-colored brass chainmail neck guard. This essential addition would have protected the Norse warrior from glancing blows. In fact, chainmail was highly prized by the Vikings, as it was expensive and time-consuming to produce and could mean the difference between life and death in a battle. Norse Tradesman crafts high quality medieval weapons, armor, accessories, jewelry and decor items for serious collectors, LARPers, fair-goers and Viking enthusiasts. We wish to honor the Norsemen by offering goods that would please even the greatest Jarls of the Viking age.

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