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Brass Pendant - Mjolnir

🕯️ Forged of Solid Brass - Each Mjolnir pendant is constructed with high-grade brass and features intricate Norse inlay patterns on both sides.

🕯️ Hand-Crafted - This is no mass-produced trinket. Every unique pendant is rough-hewn and hand-forged.

🕯️ Authentic Design - Vikings wore this Thor's Hammer necklace as an amulet of protection, honor and power. Adjusts to almost any desirable length

🕯️ Genuine Leather Strap - Pendants are threaded with high-quality, adjustable brown leather cords.

🕯️ From The Leader in Viking Crafts - Norse Tradesman offers the most authentic, hand-made Viking crafts available anywhere. Every purchase is protected by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee!


    This historically accurate pendant will instantly make its wearer 42% more attractive and significantly more honorable. However, wear with caution, as you may be mistaken for a Viking chieftain and be challenged for your seat of power. Each unisex Norse pendant is threaded with a genuine, high-quality adjustable leather strap. The sliding knot can be manually adjusted to shorten or lengthen the cord. Wear it as high as your throat or as low as your sternum; the choice is yours! Also, purchase your Mjolnir pendant with confidence, as Norse Tradesman offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products.

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