Leif Erikson: Viking Trailblazer or Netflix's Fictional Hero? Let's Get Real!

AUGUST 24, 2023


Hey there, Viking enthusiasts! Today, we're diving deep into the saga of Leif Erikson. You know, the chap who beat Columbus by a good 500 years to the North American shores? Yeah, that's our guy! But, here’s the twist – have you seen how Netflix’s "Vikings: Valhalla" spins his tale? It’s time we sifted through the sagas and the screenplay to separate the myth from the man!

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The Real Deal: Leif Erikson’s Epic Ventures

Setting Sail to History (Circa 1000 AD): 

Imagine this: Leif, a young Viking lad, fueled by his dad Erik the Red’s tales, ventures into the wild Atlantic. He lands in a place teeming with grapes – Vinland (or Newfoundland for the modern crowd)! This is no small beer – Leif just stepped into the pages of history as the first European in North America!

Leif Erikson

The Navigator Extraordinaire:

Leif wasn’t just lucky; he was a master navigator. No GPS, folks – just stars, wind, and guts. His journeys weren’t just jaunts across the pond; they were epic sagas of seafaring brilliance.

Christianization Efforts: 

Leif played a significant role in spreading Christianity among Norse settlers in Greenland, marking a major cultural and religious shift in the region​.

Trade with Indigenous Peoples: 

Erikson engaged in trade with indigenous people during his exploration of Vinland, reflecting his adaptability and resourcefulness.

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Netflix’s Take: Leif in 'Vikings: Valhalla'

Inner Demons, Anyone?: 
The series gives us a Leif wrestling with the darkness inside – shades of his old man's temper. While the real Leif was busy charting seas, Netflix’s version is battling inner storms.

London Bridge is Falling Down (1013 AD Style): 
Cut to the Siege of London scene – our Netflix Leif spots a weakness in London Bridge (not the nursery rhyme one). Historical? Nope. Dramatic? Absolutely!

Vikings: Valhalla, season 1, episode 4, the bridge scene

Kattegat Blues: 
Post-war, the series’ Leif heads to Kattegat, only to get tangled in emotional chaos and personal loss. Our historical Leif, on the other hand, was likely navigating the high seas or chilling in Greenland.

Erikson: The Man vs. The Myth

What’s Real?: 
In reality, around 1000 AD, Leif was more into discovering new lands than swinging swords in England. Our saga-hero was a trendsetter, not a warrior in King Canute’s army.

Character Check: 
Leif in the sagas? A visionary explorer. Leif in "Valhalla"? A complex, conflicted warrior. Talk about artistic license!

Everyone's a Martial Artist on Screen: 
It’s a curious trend these days – if you're a historical figure on screen, you better be ready to throw down some epic fight scenes! In "Vikings: Valhalla," Leif Erikson seems to have taken a few secret martial arts classes. The historical Leif, known for his seafaring and exploration, probably wouldn’t recognize himself amidst all the high-kicks and dramatic swordplay.


Alright, history buffs and Netflix bingers, that’s the lowdown on Leif Erikson. Whether you prefer the sagas' intrepid explorer or the small screen's tormented warrior, one thing's for sure – Leif’s legacy continues to fascinate and inspire. 

And lastly, for an exciting piece of news: get ready for a sneak peek at the first look of "Vikings: Valhalla" Season 3! Watch it below and join us on yet another thrilling journey through the dramatic world of Viking history and legend.

Vikings: Valhalla, Season 3, First look

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