11 Best Viking Gifts For Christmas 2022

DECEMBER 8, 2022


Are you looking for a rustic gift idea for the heathen in your life? A Viking inspired gift is sure to stoke the ancestral fire that burns in the heart of an old soul.

Below is our list of the top 11 Viking gift ideas for this Christmas 2022!

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1. personalized horn tankard

The best gift this holiday season is going to be something personalized. Make your gift stand out by adding a personal touch! Submit your desired text and choose from up 36 different images to make the ultimate customized Viking gift! Start the customization process now to make sure you're ready for holidays!

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2. the ultimate beard kit

Are you ready for an ultimate beard?
The Ultimate Kit is the perfect way to get a luxurious, healthy beard. This all-natural kit includes a beard wash, conditioner, oils, balm, butter, brush & comb, and everything you need to take care of your facial hair.

The gentle formula promotes healthy growth, softens & nourishes your beard, and prevents split ends.

The included brush & comb help to evenly distribute product through your beard and remove any knots or tangles. This ultimate kit has everything you need to get a soft, healthy beard that looks great!


Inspired by Marvel's Thor franchise and Norse mythology, this piece makes the ultimate cosplay prop weapon. Also makes for an incredible display piece for your medieval showcase. Mount this on your wall for an impressive decorative attention grabber.

This exquisite Mjolnir replica is handcrafted by blacksmiths, not pulled out of a factory assembly line. The metal alloy hammer head is fitted by hand to a hardwood handle, making a sturdy construction.

Thor's Hammer will make a unique gift for your friends or loved ones!



Meet the Valhalla Java Odinforce blend—coffee made to power the world's most powerful guitarist, Zakk Wylde. Worthy of the gods, these beans were forged from the volcanic soils of Indonesia and nutrient-rich soils of Central and South America. Crafted for boldness and maximum flavor, this blend is strong enough to wake the dead and chariot them gloriously through the gates of Valhalla. 

5. Hand Forged Viking Arrowhead Keychain

This hand forged metal arrowhead keychain features the carved Norse rune for Joy and symbolizes harmony, blessings and affection. It would make a wonderful gift for anyone who brings joy to your life or who you are blessed to call a dear friend. This beautiful iron arrowhead pendant measures approximately 2 1/2" long by 1" wide and comes with a silver 1" split keyring


Inspired by Nordic style, Scandinavian Peninsula, Yggdrasil Night Lamp is designed with a World Tree carved on a wooden lamp body, it will bring a gentle, delicate and luxurious beauty to your space. 

The Yggdrasil Tree and some symbols are carved on the sides of the lamp, with the lights on, it will make your room look attractive and modern. 

There are many color modes, change the LED color by smartphone with 16 million customizable colors, the light changes to the beat of the music.

7. Norse Mythology 3D Print Hoodie

This hoodie is convenient & fully customizable with its versatility for any occasion. For the fall when going to football games or festivals, for the winner when watching a movie or going picnic, etc. It is also a way to express the personality which makes people stand out from a crowd. 15 various Norse Mythology designs available for purchase.

Using advanced 3D digital printing technology, the image is vivid, the color is bright and strong, no pollution, and it will never be discolored.

8. Personalized Set of Grilling Tools

Why grill with old tools you’ve used forever when you could use this gorgeous, personalized set of grilling tools? This set includes a spatula, tongs, and a meat fork, all inside a beautiful wooden case. The case is customized with two lines of text and a year and features velvet lining. Grilling at the family barbecue or corporate retreat will be so much more enjoyable using these high-quality, handsome grilling tools. This set is also easily portable so when you want to have a barbecue at a friend’s house, the lake, or anywhere else, you can bring these tools along with ease. This set of grilling tools makes an awesome holiday, birthday, or Father’s Day gift for your husband or dad. The case measures 18.25” x 6.5” x 3”.

9. Clean & Cool Body Basics SET

Everything you need for the best in daily body care essentials. Look good, smell good, feel good with these best-selling formulas featuring our popular All-Over scent.

The set includes:

  • Antiperspirant & Deodorant, 2.75 oz.
  • All-Over Wash For Face, Hair & Body, 10 oz.
  • Cool Moisture Body Lotion, 16 oz.
  • Sustainable Bag.

10. portable fire put & grill

No matter the experience, the Fireflower Spark is a portable fire pit + grill that is the perfect accessory to take along for everyone to enjoy. The versatility of the Spark allows for a seamless transition between fire pit and grill that is easily transported and set up practically anywhere. It assembles quickly and cooks like a champ. When you're finished it's easy to break down, clean and store away.


The world's oldest fermented beverage made from honey has been a popular drink from Europe to Australia dating back to long before Viking Times. The oldest known recipe for mead to be written down in the Nordic countries was in 1520 by the Archbishop Olaus Magnus.

Dansk Mjod products are brewed based on a recipe from about year 1700, and the ingredients are pure and 100% natural - guaranteed free from additives of any kind. Honey is the major and most important item in the recipe.

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