The Art and Significance of Viking Braids

APRIL 23, 2024


Ah, Viking braids: not just a fashion relic for history-themed parties, but a storied hairstyle steeped in Norse culture. Today, these braids are making a comeback, not just on runway models or in history buff meetups, but as a vibrant nod to those rugged warriors of the north. Let's unravel the mystery and mastery of these ancient plaits!

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Historical Overview of Viking Braids

Long before the minimalistic Scandinavian design became a Pinterest board favorite, Vikings were busy setting trends with their braids. These weren't just any hairstyles; they were practical, battle-ready configurations that could withstand the harsh winds sailing across the North Sea. Whether it was a simple three-strand twist or the more complex "dragon's spine," each braid had its story and specific occasion, much like today's wedding updos or yoga buns.

Leif Erikson

In the Viking age, braids were more than just your go-to hairstyle for windy days—they were the ultimate social network. Intricate braids were all the rage among the Norse, signaling everything from your job to your dating status. That’s right, braids were the Viking version of a LinkedIn profile or Facebook update. And women used to weave specific patterns to shout their marital status across the village—no relationship status updates needed, just check the hair!

These braided beauties did more than turn heads. They tied the community together, knitting the physical and spiritual worlds into one. A braid wasn’t just a practical choice for keeping hair out of Viking faces—it was a mystical statement, a strand of beliefs worn proudly on one's head. Plus, let's not forget the bling! Vikings often wove precious fabrics and shiny metals into their braids for that extra sparkle at mead hall gatherings and solemn rituals. So next time you braid your hair, remember, you're channeling a whole Viking vibe—social signals, spiritual connections, and all!

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Step-by-Step Guides

The Lagertha Braid: 
Popularized by a certain TV shield-maiden, this braid is tough enough for a skirmish and stylish enough for Instagram. Here’s how to pull off this look without having to fight off marauders:

The Bjorn Braid: 
The Bjorn braid, named after a legendary Viking warrior, combines practicality with fearsome aesthetics, perfect for modern men looking to channel their inner Norseman.

The Ragnar Braids: 
The Ragnar braids are known for their bold and rugged appearance. This style combines practicality with a distinctive warrior aesthetic, suitable for both screen portrayals and modern-day fashion.

The Warrior's Beard Braid: 
Beard braiding is a way to add a Viking touch to your facial hair, echoing the braided styles of the fierce Norsemen.

Cultural Significance

In Viking times, braids were not just about keeping your hair out of your face while you pillage and plunder. They were imbued with meanings, from marital status (single and ready to mingle with other raiders) to spiritual significance (braids tight enough to keep the gods happy). This hair art was serious business, reflecting personal and societal identities.

Modern Resurgence

Why are modern fashion lovers and history nerds alike flocking to Viking braids? Maybe it’s the allure of channeling a fierce warrior during a board meeting, or perhaps it's just really cool to look like you could command a longship. Either way, Viking braids are here to stay, as a testament to their enduring appeal.


Viking braids do more than just decorate your head. They connect us to a past that was about as uncomplicated as a Norse saga is easy to pronounce. As we braid our hair in the styles of yore, we're not just participating in a fashion trend—we're weaving a bit of history into our daily lives, one plait at a time.

Ready to try your hand at a Viking braid? Remember, it's not just a hairstyle, it's an homage to a fiercely independent and bold way of life. So next time you're braiding your hair, pour out a little mead for those Norse trendsetters. Skål!

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