While the Norse weren’t on the sea, they were working the land, but even nature is kind enough to give farmers and herders a break every now and again. Whether the weather was good or bad, sunshine (which was already rare) or snow, the Vikings took every opportunity to play games!
...Again, I feel that I need to stress the point that a runic divination is not about a simple “yes or no”. It is about showing you an objective picture of yourself, how you got to where you are, and where you may be headed. The interpretation is as much a simple answer as the Mona Lisa is a simple Polaroid. It takes patience, practice, and insight.
Chances are, if you are a history buff, a fan of mythology, a hardcore metal head, or an all-out real-world ren-fair Viking, you’ve at least tried it once. But, have you ever had a taste of a fresh, frothy homemade batch, just pulled off fermentation… and was it your own brew?
The drinking horn has many histories, but only one prevails in the 21st century, that of the Vikings! The Norse were noble and brave warriors of a lost era, sailors, traders, and consumers of mead. Or at least, that is how we know them today, but a few questions likely still strike the curious mind, despite an overabundance of popularized media surrounding the mighty men from the North. One might be, "Where did drinking horns come from and why were they used?"

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